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Special Hitting Article & Video Motion Analysis Edition:

  • Special Article: "Hitting Tools: Effective Hand Paths"
    or "It's Time to End the Linear Vs Rotational Argument!",
    with Coach Preston Peavy

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Hit Like a Pro with Coach Preston Peavy


Hitting Tools:
Effective Hand Paths!

It's time to End the Rotational Vs Linear Argument!

by Coach Preston Peavy Hitting Coach for VSI Baseball & frequent contributor to online baseball newsletters.

Coach Preston Peavy does Personal Hitting Instruction with the Full Transfer Pro Method of Hitting, teaching individuals & teams in the greater Atlanta, Ga. area & via the web by using Video Motion Analysis. Coach Peavy trains athletes around the world with his unique Computerized Motion Analysis. He can be reached at: smarty1@mindspring.com or at www.peavynet.com or by calling 404-402-5843

Linear or Rotational?
....This argument just goes on & on.......

Well, let's just upset everybody, shall we?......You have your "rotational gurus" out there that still just don't see it....AND you still have your purely "linear guys" who don't get it either.......I have said all along......a quality swing contains components of BOTH!

Rotational Alone Does NOT Work Effectively!
It goes directly against good physics & biomechanics.....Per my earlier articles, Swing Poisons- Back Foot Hitting & Hitting Tools- Linear or Rotational when you attempt to rotate around a rear pivot point & rotate the top hand early, you kill any initial leverage you have through casting the top hand away from your body early, putting the bat into a completely un-leveraged acceleration position-you CANNOT overcome a 7 to 1 or up to a 10 to 1 leverage ratio on the bat-the weight of the barrel simply cannot be overcome efficiently when you cast it out early in the swing with the negative leverage present in a 32" plus bat........the bat is an INEFFECTIVE LEVER when you attempt to force acceleration via an early top hand rotation! There is NO POWER because there is NO LEVERAGE in the rotational forces you have available!

Bat resistance has the leverage!

However, the bat CAN be accelerated to a higher level of kinetic energy quicker by accelerating the bat in a linear fashion initially!..............In the case of an EFFICIENT MAJOR LEAGUE HITTER, he INITIALLY ACCELERATES THE BAT in a LINEAR fashion utilizing the STRONGEST FORCE AVAILABLE in the HANDS.......Once he OVERCOMES INITIAL RESISTANCE & INERTIA by ACCELERATING THE BAT INITIALLY in a linear fashion & ACCUMULATES CONSIDERABLE KINETIC ENERGY he ROTATES the BAT & ACCELERATES IT FURTHER, MULTIPLYING the forces he accumulated & built linearly, using the SECOND STRONGEST FORCE available in the HIP ROTATIONAL STRENGTH which is APPLIED THROUGH a FLAT TOP HAND, thus MAXIMIZING TERMINAL BATSPEED.

(You need to remember, at this point, that even though the legs & hips are strong....in relation to the bat & for rotational force implementation purposes they are connected via the hips, shoulders and arms & hence are less leveraged.....the hands, being connected directly to the bat, can apply a stronger force)

You don't have to believe me...believe your eyes! SEE FOR YOURSELF!
I have done a Motion Analysis of a top major league swing as viewed from the top. It will be available in a movie Dynamic Motion Analysis Format soon on our VSI Baseball Video Downloads Page, as well as with larger images at www.peavynet.com along with my past articles on hitting.

VSI Baseball Video Motion Analysis proves the point.......Initially, the bat is accelerated efficiently, in basically a linear motion with the athlete pulling the knob of the bat in a leveraged fashion to accelerate the bat with a dominant bottom hand.....once he has overcome inertia & built up substantial energy, the bat is rotated later in the motion, accelerating the energy already built up in the initial motion, utilizing available rotational energy from the legs & hips, applied through Flat Hands......Further, utilizing quality Lead Arm Extension, the athlete extends his effective hitting zone at a maximized bat speed.

Larger Images & Full Motion Video Examples Available...Click Here!

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Have Coach Peavy instruct your hitter in the Full Transfer Method anywhere in the world. Coach Preston Peavy does Personal Hitting Instruction with the Full Transfer Pro Method of Hitting, teaching individuals & teams in the greater Atlanta, Ga. area & via the web by using Video Motion Analysis. Coach Peavy & VSI Baseball can do Hitting & Pitching Schools in your city or town. Inquire. He can be reached at: smarty1@mindspring.com or at www.peavynet.com or by calling 404-402-5843

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INQUIRE by EMAIL to Coach Peavy at smarty1@mindspring.com
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Hit Tips
REMEMBER: It takes 3,000 to 5,000 QUALITY repetitions to ingrain muscle memory into EACH motion.

Make the MAJORITY of your practice swings with the ball at DESIRED IMPACT POINTS to develop muscle memory for hitting the ball at optimum impact points by habit!

Develop a practice plan with Coach Peavy for 150 to 250 swings a day, using the tee, soft toss, drills and batting practice....this will lead to success.


Pitch Like a Pro with Coach Chris Cumberland


Pitching Instruction with
Professional Pitcher Chris Cumberland

Coach Chris Cumberland does personal, group & team pitching instruction with VSI Baseball in the greater Atlanta area. He also can hold clinics & schools in your town by special request. He can be reached by emailing VSI Baseball, or on the web at www.peavynet.com or by calling 404-402-5843

  • Chris Cumberland has been a Professional Pitcher in the Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, Blue Jays & San Diego organizations since 1993
  • Find out more about Chris at www.peavynet.com
  • Chris comes from a baseball family, as his father is a former Yankee & Giant & is also the 2002/2003 Pitching Coach for the Kansas City Royals, John Cumberland
  • Chris Cumberland teaches Professional Pitching Technique to Individuals, Groups and Teams as well as in Schools & Clinics
  • Chris is an excellent Instructor for League Coaches Clinics to ensure pitching safety as well as effectiveness for all league participants at all levels of play
  • Chris uses VSI Pro Motion Computerized Video Analysis as a high tech, modern tool to ensure maximum pitching effectiveness & safety.
  • Inquire with Coach Peavy at VSI Baseball to Schedule Instruction or Schools & Clinics with Chris Cumberland for your Individual, Group, Team or League

    Click Here to E-mail Coach Peavy
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    See us at www.peavynet.com

Pitching Tips

VSI Baseball & Coach Chris Cumberland Can Teach Your Entire Team by Video Motion Analysis for Pitching!

Mail in Your Video
& Coach Cumberland
Can Teach Your
Entire Team the
Pro Pitching Motion!

Coach Cumberland & Coach Peavy can also put together a series of pitching clinics for your team(s) or a pitching school for your leagues, in Atlanta or in your town.

Inquire with Coach Peavy about the feasibility of school or group instruction for your athletes with Coach Cumberland at smarty1@mindspring.com
or Call 404-402-5843


Quotable & Notable

"A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore."

"Baseball is ninety percent mental. The other half is physical."

"Bill Dickey is learning me his experience."

"He hits from both sides of the plate. He's amphibious."

"How can a you hit and think at the same time?"

"I always thought that record would stand until it was broken."

"I can see how he (Sandy Koufax) won twenty-five games. What I don't understand is how he lost five."

Yogi Berra


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