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Coach Peavy's PRO Training Agenda:

  • Introduction to a Pro Swing
    • Fundamentals, Choices & Styles
      • there is a difference
    • Rotational Vs Linear Hitting
      • which is BEST....it may surprise you
      • secrets revealed-what the best in baseball use
    • Where the power REALLY comes from
      • demonstration step by step
    • Supercharging the swing
      • the engine & the supercharger
    • Batspeed-how you REALLY achieve it
      • force vectors & the pursuit curve
      • bottom hand dominance & efficiency
    • Micro focusing-a simple step to raise your average substantially
      • minimize the built in error zone
      • vision points & head control
    • Get a Grip!
      • pro grip, modified & choke grip
      • which really works best & why
    • Stance Fundamentals
      • finding a balanced athletic position
      • plate distance, depth & why
    • Stride Fundamentals
      • finding the perfect stride for YOU
      • initial timing & weight transfer-when to stride
      • stride & trigger mechanisms
      • adjustable timing mechanisms
      • stride FIRST, THEN swing
    • Why you do NOT want to “squish the bug”
      • set time hip trigger
      • adjustable Vs non-adjustable timing mechanisms
      • the front side firm-up
      • maximize power to all fields
      • plate coverage
    • Leverage & how to achieve it
      • drill tools that do NOT work
      • drill tools THAT WORK
    • The best swing plane
      • maximizing the hit zone.
    • IMPACT Configuration
      • inside & through completely
      • create maximum impact efficiency & carry/backspin
    • Maintaining impact configuration longer
      • top hand release & why the “hands don’t matter”-why you can use top hand release guilt free
      • wrist rolling should never occur-rolling wrists never helps anything
      • longest practical hitting zone at highest bat speed with best control in impact configuration
    • Specific Impact Points
      • achieve YOUR impact points
      • equal power to all fields
    • Muscle Memory or “Neuro Muscular Pathways”?
      • drills are where the swing is REALLY built
    • Step by Step to a Pro Swing Drills
      • build a pro swing, naturally
      • drill sets & SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES
    • Introduction to Computerized Video Motion Analysis
      • Video & VSI HIGH SPEED Video

Balanced Athletic Position
Bat at Approximately 45 Degrees
You can view this college players full at bat & more at www.peavynet.com/videodemo.htm
I'll give you a hint-it ends with a HR

Bend Knees, Bend Back, Barely Touch Outside Corner
This is From Our
Step by Step to a Pro Swing Drills Video
Available by Download or CDROM

Balanced Head Position
Form an "A" with the Arms
Both Eyes to the Pitcher

Proper Distance Allows Full Plate Coverage
Inside or Outside Pitch

It has to happen FAST!
Only 20/100ths of a Second to Decide
Out of 40/100ths of a Second Total Pitch Time

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