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In This Edition:

  • Article: "Hitting Tools: Pitch Counts", with Coach Preston Peavy

  • How to Get VSI Baseball Instruction for Your Players

  • Hit Tips

  • Feature: "Stars of Tomorrow: The Ocee Park Stars in Alpharetta, Georgia"

  • Pitching Tips

  • Quotable & Notable: Baseball Quotes

  • NEWS & Announcements: Coach Peavy Joining Forces with www.TheBaseballNetwork.org

  • NEWS & Announcements: Our NEW High Resolution, High Frame Rate VSI Video Motion Analysis System is Here


Hit Like a Pro with Coach Preston Peavy


Hit Tips
Practice DOES make perfect.....Practice with a PLAN!....Have a specific objective in each practice swing.. It takes 3,000 to 5,000 QUALITY repetitions to ingrain muscle memory into EACH motion...Practice like you are going to play!.
Develop a practice plan with Coach Peavy for 150 to 250 swings a day, using the tee, soft toss, drills and batting practice....this will lead to success.

Stars of Tomorrow:
The Ocee Stars

Coach Peavy believes the Ocee Park Stars, a 14 & under travel team out of Alpharetta, Georgia are not only  Stars of Tomorrow...but they are Stars of Today!

It isn't just the fact that Coach Peavy & Cumberland help train the Stars with their VSI Baseball Video Motion Analysis or all of the championships the Stars have won, including being ranked #2 in the nation & #1 in Georgia in 2002 & #1 in Georgia & #10 in the nation in 2003. See:

The Stars work with Tanner's Totes, a charity started by 14 year old travel baseball player Tanner Smith. The Stars help this charity by filling tote bags full of goodies and letters from their players that are delivered to terminally ill children.

To help the Stars with their Tanner's Totes program, contact Coach Neal Freeman at:


If you know of a Team or Player(s) who deserve to be featured in Stars of Tomorrow, send submissions by email to Coach Preston Peavy at smarty1@mindspring.com


Hitting Tools: Pitch Counts!

by Coach Preston Peavy Hitting Coach for VSI Baseball & frequent contributor to online baseball newsletters.

Coach Preston Peavy does Personal Hitting Instruction with the Full Transfer Pro Method of Hitting, teaching individuals & teams in the greater Atlanta, Ga. area & via the web by using Video Motion Analysis. Coach Peavy & VSI Baseball can do Hitting & Pitching Schools in your city or town. Inquire. He can be reached at: smarty1@mindspring.com or at www.peavynet.com or by calling 404-402-5843

Get ahead in the count! How many times have you heard that?.......And....what does it really mean?

Henry Aaron is, of course, the all time major league home run leader with 755, with a lifetime average of .305......two time batting champion.....MVP.....Hank was one of the originators of the Full Transfer Hitting system which I thoroughly believe in.....look at his back foot as he releases ALL of that power from the backside with a full transfer of weight against a firm front side, whether the pitch was an inside or an outside pitch! (See Front Side Firmup)

Having seen Hank Aaron hit in Atlanta in the 1960's, I have an immense respect for his natural ability......& of course, technically he did things very well.....but, what made him one of the most successful hitters of all time was the fact that he was also one of baseball's smartest hitters.....

Ted Williams once said of Aaron, that he had a great ability to get his pitch........& that means that he worked the pitch count in his favor often.

Take a look at the pitch count & typical batting average chart included with this article & learn from it!......

I believe that what made Aaron really great as a hitter, was his patience! If the pitch wasn't "his pitch", he had the confidence & patience to take the pitch, working the count often INTO HIS FAVOR.....which makes the pitcher give him "his pitch" more often, resulting in a better pitch to hit & drive with authority!

Granted, if the pitcher is consistently grooving his first pitch....HIT IT.....However, most pitchers are smarter than that......Learn by watching on every pitch while in the dugout...it's like a FREE AT BAT! Learn the pitcher's tendencies & when possible, work him into HITTERS COUNTS.......Make him COME TO YOU! ..& PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE so that when he does come to you, you can JUMP ALL OVER IT!

Coach Preston Peavy does Personal Hitting Instruction with the Full Transfer Pro Method of Hitting, teaching individuals & teams in the greater Atlanta, Ga. area & via the web by using Video Motion Analysis. Coach Peavy & VSI Baseball can do Hitting & Pitching Schools in your city or town. Inquire. He can be reached at: smarty1@mindspring.com or at www.peavynet.com or by calling 404-402-5843

Here Are Many Ways You Can Include
VSI Baseball Hitting & Pitching Training
in Your Baseball Plan for 2004:

  • Sponsor a VSI Baseball Hitting & Pitching School to be Held in Your Town:
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    Mail in Your Video(s) of Your Athlete(s) for Hitting & Pitching Analysis......Feature VSI Pro Video Trainings in a School...Add VSI Baseball Video Analysis Services to Your Business...See www.peavynet.com/videoanalysis.htm
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Hold a VSI Baseball Hitting & Pitching School & Coaches Clinic In Your Town!

Contact Us to Schedule a VSI Baseball Hitting School & a VSI Baseball Pitching School in February through July of 2004 in Your Town!

Coach Peavy & Coach Cumberland will travel to your town & teach your Players & Coaches our Step by Step Methods to Pro Hitting & Pitching in our two day, three day and week long schools.

Promote the school successfully & you can participate as a fund raiser for your team or leagues.

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Quotable & Notable

If you're not having fun in baseball, you miss the point of everything.
"Chris Chambliss"

I never questioned the integrity of an umpire. Their eyesight..........Yes.
"Leo Durocher"

The game of baseball has always been linked in my mind with mystic texture of childhood, with the sounds and smells of summer nights and with the memories of my farther.
"from the Boston Globe October 6, 1986 "Doris Kearns Goodwin"

Baseball gives every American boy a chance to excel. Not just to be as good as someone else, but to be better. This is the nature of man and the name of the game.
"Ted Williams"

The pitcher has got only a ball. I've got a bat. So the percentage in weapons is in my favor and I let the fellow with the ball do the fretting.
"Hank Aaron" from the Milwaukee Journal July 1956

VSI Baseball News

Coach Preston Peavy to join forces with www.TheBaseballNetwork.org 
promoting youth baseball & fastpitch.

www.TheBaseballNetwork.org    is a new website scheduled to be unveiled January 31, 2004. This new website will offer all baseball & fastpitch enthusiasts the ability to get:

  •  up to date information on events and happenings around the country

  • state of the art communication tools for tournament directors and league coordinators

  • information on fantasy baseball leagues

Coach Peavy's' VSI Baseball Training Newsletter will be the primary newsletter for the site.

For more information go to www.TheBaseballNetwork.org   late in January or contact Michael Peterson at michaelpeterson@comcast.net




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