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Click to Find Out How to Hold a Typical Baseball School with VSI Baseball in YOUR Town for Hitting or Pitching or Both, for Athletes, Coaches & Parents

Typical Agenda for 2 Day Hitting School
with 1 Day Coach/Parent Pre-Clinic
with Coach Preston Peavy of VSI Baseball

Introduction to a Pro Swing

  • Fundamentals, Choices & Styles
    • there is a difference
  • Rotational Vs Linear Hitting
    • which is BEST....
    • the best use BOTH
  • Where the power REALLY comes from
    • it may surprise you
    • demonstration step by step
  • Supercharging the swing
    • the engine & the supercharger
  • Batspeed-how you REALLY achieve it
    • linear, rotational & force vectors
  • Introduction to Computerized Video Motion Analysis
    • Video & VSI HIGH SPEED Video
  • Micro focusing-a simple step to raise your average substantially
    • minimize the built in error zone
    • vision points & head control
  • Get a Grip!
    • pro grip, modified & choke grip
    • which really works best & why
  • Stance Fundamentals
    • finding a balanced athletic position
    • plate distance, depth & why
  • Stride Fundamentals
    • finding the perfect stride for YOU
    • initial timing & weight transfer
    • stride & trigger mechanisms
    • adjustable timing mechanisms
    • stride FIRST, THEN swing
  • Why you do NOT want to “squish the bug”
    • set time hip trigger
    • adjustable Vs non-adjustable timing mechanisms
    • the front side firm-up
    • maximize power to all fields
    • plate coverage
  • Leverage & how to achieve it
    • drill tools that do NOT work
    • drill tools THAT WORK
  • The best swing plane
    • maximizing the hit zone.
  • IMPACT Configuration
    • how to create maximum impact efficiency & carry
  • Maintaining impact configuration longer
    • top hand release & why the “hands don’t matter”
    • longest practical hitting zone
  • Specific Impact Points
    • achieve YOUR impact points
    • equal power to all fields
  • Muscle Memory or “Neuro Muscular Pathways”?
    • where the swing is REALLY built
  • Step by Step to a Pro Swing Drills
    • build a pro swing, naturally
    • drill sets & SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES


Hold a School in YOUR Town!

In Baseball Schools,
Coach Peavy often will first teach the latest methods to the Coaches & Parents....Having Coached since 1975, Coach Peavy emphasizes the basics behind drills with clearly defined objectives for a Step by Step Method to Assemble a Pro Swing or Pitching Motion.....They can then assist &  further train the athlete with a better understanding of the specific objectives........