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......TRAIN LIKE A PRO with VSI Pro Video Motion Analysis with Kinetics.....ANYWHERE!

Computerized Video Motion Analysis for Your Athlete!

See "Free Video Demo Demo Downloads" at Link on Left
For Example Pitching & Hitting Motion Analysis Videos

You Will Receive a Full Motion Analysis Set of Individual Kinetics on a CD-ROM by Mail, Along With a Full Motion Analysis Movie of Your Performance & Pro Analysis with Suggested Areas of Improvement, PLUS Pro Demo Kinetic Files for You to Compare Your Performance With!
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  • Shoot Your Video according to the instructions on the left for Hitting Video Instructions or Pitching Video Instructions
  • Mail in YOUR Individual Pitching & Hitting Video for a Professional Analysis......Click "Mail Your Video for Analysis" Link on Left of Page for Instructions on Mailing Your Pitching or Hitting Video
  • Mail in Your TEAM Pitching & Hitting Video for Professional Analysis & a Price Savings...Prices at Links on Left of this page or  INQUIRE BY EMAIL
  • Have Coach Peavy Tape Your Individual or Entire Team Video for Analysis in the Greater Atlanta, Ga. Area, by Appt. Prices at Links on Left of this page
  • Have Coach Peavy & Hold Complete Schools or Clinics for Hitting, Pitching or Both, FEATURING VSI Pro Video Training.... or out of Atlanta for your Baseball Business or League...INQUIRE by EMAIL
  • Have Coach Peavy Design & Install a Video Acquisition System for Your Baseball Business to Seamlessly Provide VSI Baseball Motion Analysis to Your Customers as Part of Your Business Baseball Products....VSI & Coach Peavy Handle the Technical Production & You Profit from a Professional Service Addition........INQUIRE by EMAIL

EMAIL COACH PEAVY or Call him at 404-402-5843 for More Information on VSI Pro Video Motion Analysis with Kinetics for your Athlete, Team or Baseball Business

VSI High Speed Video Motion Analysis

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These Three Files are HIGH SPEED Video Motion Analysis Files in WMV Format.
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