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Learn the Physics Basics:
Begin your hitting training by viewing an entertaining Physics Lesson on the Ball/Bat Collision by my favorite Baseball Fan, Nuclear Physicist & Professor, Dr. Alan Nathan of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
in a Windows Media WMV File

If you cannot view the above WMV file, then view this html file by Professor Nathan:
The Physics of Baseball

View the following HIGH SPEED videos showing ball/bat collisions & vibrations.

Click the photo above to see the bat vibration at impact video #1 in a 216 KB Windows WMV video.
Alternatively view a 6 MB AVI file in QuickTime by CLICKING HERE

Click the photo above to see the HIGHLY DETAILED bat vibration at impact video #2 in a 2.98 MB Windows WMV Video.
Alternatively view a 92 MB AVI file in QuickTime by CLICKING HERE


Coach Peavy & His Method


"You have to know where you want to be, to learn how to get there."

Coach Peavy:

"The most important factors in producing POWER, are BATSPEED & IMPACT CONFIGURATION."

"If we BEGIN from the Physics of the Optimum Ball/Bat Collision to understand the position or state in which we want to ARRIVE at the ball, THEN we can choose the STYLE for the INDIVIDUAL athlete to more frequently achieve the biomechanical FUNDAMENTALS to accomplish the Optimum Ball/Bat Collision (the OBJECTIVE) most frequently."

  • Establish your OBJECTIVE (the optimum ball/bat collision with maximum frequency for highest batting average with power)
  • Understand what is required of yourself biomechanically to achieve your OBJECTIVE in the highest percentage of circumstances
  • Establish specific DRILLS required to achieve your INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES most frequently, utilizing your INDIVIDUAL STYLE
  • PRACTICE those DRILLS over & over to establish automatic MUSCLE MEMORY in all possible anticipated, variable circumstances
  • Click Here to Contact Coach Peavy by E-mail to discuss the most efficient program for all of your athletes
  • or Call Coach Peavy at 404-402-5843
General Information & Instruction Tips

ALWAYS have an OBJECTIVE, in each at bat, practice or drill.

In Hitting Instruction, Coach Peavy will teach Coaches, Parents or Team the necessary DRILLS with defined OBJECTIVES, to show the everyone his Step by Step Method to Assemble a Pro Swing.