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Steps to Sign Up for Our
Immersion Training Program and Get Started

Coach Peavy and Player
  1. Immersion Training is for Out of Town Athletes, Pro Athletes or Athletes Who Need an Intensely  Focused and Efficient Swing Overhaul
    • Immersion Training Includes Everything Needed Including Training Tools and a Complete Program to follow Once You Arrive Back Home
  2. Choose an All Inclusive Immersion Training Package at
  3. After Purchase
    • Check Coach Peavy's Training  Calendar for potentially available date ranges of 5 to 7 Days when you can be in Atlanta and Choose Several Different Options to give to Coach Peavy.
    • Email Coach Peavy to Schedule Training or Call Coach Peavy at 404-954-2281
  4. Once Booked by Coach Peavy the Calendar will Send Reminders by Email
  5. See You at the Lessons to Get Good Fast!
Here is What the Lessons Include
One on One Lesson Time

Individual Lessons
Computerized Video Pitching Sessions
Approx. 25 Minute Sessions

Pitching Machine

Click Photo to Download Video and View Video Pitching Machine in Action in Windows Media Player
Includes 200FPS High Speed Video
High Speed Video
Motion Analysis with Kinetics
Plus Full Computerized Motion Analysis with Kinetics and Baseball Assessment
High Speed Motion Analysis
Click Photo for Demo Motion Analysis Video. MUST View in QuickTime Player
Download Free QuickTime Here
ProCut Weights-Training Weights That Accelerate the Learning Curve

ProCut Weight 
ProCut Machined Bat Training Weights Build Leveraged, Powerful Hand Movements & Muscle Memory

Read This Article to Understand Why the Training Weights Work
Click Here for Baseball Complete Immersion Training Packages

Time Requirements for Athlete in Immersion Training: 6 Days in Atlanta, Ga.