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Learn the Basics:
Begin your hitting training by viewing an entertaining Physics Lesson on the Ball/Bat Collision by my favorite Baseball Fan, Nuclear Physicist & Professor, Dr. Alan Nathan of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
in a Windows Media WMV File

If you cannot view the above WMV file, then view this html file by Professor Nathan:
The Physics of Baseball

Coach Peavy & his Hitting Philosophy

Hitting Philosophy: an Evolution

I am going to try & outline my unique philosophy simply because it is just that....unique....specifically because of my different, widely varied experiences & influences.....& I absolutely refuse to be mistreated by those who wish to try & call my philosophy their own just because I support a single fundamental element or style that they believe in & try to lay claim to.....I have my own philosophy about hitting which is well founded in good physics & biomechanical understanding.....& I am certain that it will change & grow in the future, because I ALWAYS continue learning.....because a Hitting Philosophy is an Evolution....

I study constantly to be the best coach & instructor in my sport. I  have been exposed in person & through books, television, video & more to the greats of the game....I do NOT agree with all of their philosophies, as much as I may admire them, because my philosophy is my individual evolution & my unique background gives me a different perspective!

Baseball has no great secrets.......Baseball has been played in the open in front of millions for all to see since it's inception.....As a coach, I do not attempt to adhere to any one, single philosophy that others espouse nor will I..........The weight shift guys want to claim superiority to the rotational guys & vice versa......Stride Vs no stride......Linear or not.......Frankly, the argument over who is right or wrong is ludicrous, because my job as a coach is to establish a philosophy which can be effective for hitters of all styles to maximize their unique talents.....

What may set me apart is my ability to analyze & break down  the swing accurately.....My very unique background in computers has given me an interesting perspective......the amazing advent of computerized motion analysis has allowed me to view the hitting motion as never before & to analyze the philosophies & approaches of the greatest coaches & players in history.....In my varied life, I have designed & built high performance computing systems for use in aircraft, including input & storage of high performance video in all kinds of light spectrums..... Using that skill, I have been able to build computerized, high performance video acquisition & analysis systems to dissect the swing to a level of accuracy previously not affordably achieved because of these technology breakthroughs & I have come to the conclusion that the greatest players in history are yet to come, because the game will always be evolving as we continue to learn..

I am convinced that most hitting coaches today are missing the important point that there are linear AND rotational aspects to the hands AND body that must be harnessed and SEQUENCED & TIMED CORRECTLY in complete synchronization.

When I learn something from my hitting motion analysis work, first I apply good science & physics to the theory, then I prove its validity by more study with my students & myself......yes, I still swing a pretty good bat....but, the best proof is whether my students of all ages can understand & accomplish the techniques I espouse with improvements....& they can with consistent improvement in averages & power numbers!

I am constantly amazed at those in baseball who think they can lay claim to an element or two of a swing & try to call it their own......that's ridiculous.........For well over 100 years, baseball players have been swinging a round bat at a round ball with the goal of hitting it squarely.....a clearly impossible task, but they do it.........In my mind the only person that can lay claim to that style of swing is the unique individual who is swinging the bat........because, even though the next individual may see an element of that swing & emulate it or add it to his repertoire, he still will perform the task of swinging in his own, unique, inimitable way to which he has evolved with countless instruction & hundreds of thousands of repetitions........

To that end, here is some background on My Hitting Philosophy......

I have been a lifelong student of the game of baseball.... I have studied virtually every approach or style of hitting with an open mind, from Ty Cobb & his wide, separated grip & slashing style to Alex Rodriguez with his smooth, powerful efficiency.

My first book of baseball study was "How to Play Winning Baseball" by Arthur Mann....Copyright 1953.....with a forward by Ford C. Frick, former Commissioner of Baseball (did anybody know that Frick was a ghostwriter of "Babe Ruth's Own Book of Baseball"?).......It was written before I was born, but I studied it's pages with hand drawn images without missing a word or diagram............And I have never stopped studying this dynamic sport.....from the time I first began playing in 1961 in Little League into Men's Senior League Baseball in the 90's or when I began Coaching baseball athletes in 1975 through today & tomorrow, I have studied this game with a true love & appreciation for it's simplicity but incredible degree of difficulty & skill required.....

I have been exposed to & learned from the philosophies of those of the dead ball era & those of the modern era....Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Mark McGwire & now A-rod......I have read constantly to improve, reading all that I could on or by Ted Williams, Tony Oliva, Harry the Hat Walker, Charley Lau, Mike Schmidt, Tony Gwynn, Dusty Baker & many, many more.....I still have my old, faded 1967 First Printing copy of Mickey Mantles book, "The Education of a Baseball Player" which I refer to from time to time.........I am grateful to countless Little League, Pony League, Senior League, Babe Ruth League & more coaches who gave unselfishly of their time to teach me to the best of their abilities this difficult sport......I study with former & active pro players constantly to improve my skills.

I NEVER stop learning & improving. The point of this is NOT to impress you with my study....IT IS to impress you with the fact  that baseball philosophy, & in my case baseball hitting philosophy, is an evolution.

Baseball is replete with is the most highly detailed sport in history..........a mathematics & physics professors dream & a coaches occasional nightmare!

Each of the players & coaches I studied has left an impact on me.....ALL have made me think...

However, my philosophy is consistent...I do NOT believe that any of the rotational theorists or the linear gurus, the weight shift or not teachers who teach a singular approach have it right all by themselves & I so far do not subscribe in totality to any one theory of hitting as espoused by others....but I DO have an open mind & appreciate everyone's approach & contributions.

My computerized video motion analysis studies of players at all levels indicate clearly to me that a quality swing has components of all of the above approaches......When properly timed & sequenced, the result is explosive power with high averages as we see in many modern hitters....

  • My fundamental goals for my hitters are:
    1) Longest Decision Making Time for
    2) Accurate Pitch Recognition &
    3) Quickest, Most Efficient Bat Acceleration &
    4) Longest Relative Length in Hitting Zone in a
    5) Quality Ball/Bat Impact Configuration at
    6) Highest Batspeed with Fine Bat-tip Control
    7) In the Consistent Plane of the Pitched Ball with
    8) Maximum Strike Zone Coverage &
    9) Maximum Power to All Fields

    The above should result in a high average with maximum power & efficiency.

    We establish the above goals by working back from optimum ball/bat impact to achieve OBJECTIVES.

    Again, I am convinced that most hitting coaches today are missing the important point that there are linear AND rotational aspects to the hands AND body that must be harnessed and SEQUENCED & TIMED CORRECTLY in synchronization.

    You establish your goals by:
  • Establishing your OBJECTIVE (the optimum ball/bat collision with maximum frequency for highest batting average with power)
  • Understand what is required of yourself biomechanically to achieve your OBJECTIVE in the highest percentage of circumstances
  • Establish specific DRILLS required to achieve your INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES most frequently, utilizing your INDIVIDUAL STYLE
  • PRACTICE those DRILLS over & over to establish automatic MUSCLE MEMORY in all possible anticipated, variable circumstances
  • APPLY those drills & the resultant muscle memory through MORE PRACTICE against live pitching to establish TIMING for the APPLICATION

  • ABOVE ALL, what we are asking the athlete to accomplish MUST BE DOABLE within our biomechanical & mental capabilities!

    There is no point in asking an athlete to perform an IMPOSSIBLE MECHANICAL TASK that he CANNOT DO BIOMECHANICALLY OR MENTALLY!

Hence, for those that have been asking about my philosophy.........I endeavor to learn continually to apply any and all styles & approaches that make the INDIVIDUAL ATHLETE SUCCESSFUL within his capabilities & which work in harmony with the laws of GOOD PHYSICS as well as being able to be ACCOMPLISHED BIOMECHANICALLY by the individual...

Believe me.....that just scratches the surface.....

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General Information & Instruction Tips

ALWAYS have an OBJECTIVE, in each at bat, practice or drill.

In Hitting Instruction, Coach Peavy will teach Coaches, Parents or Team the necessary DRILLS with defined OBJECTIVES, to show the everyone his Step by Step Method to Assemble a Pro Swing.