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Team Mini-Clinics
A Series of 4 to 6 Sequential Sat. or Sun. Sessions with 11 to 15 Students +Coaches. Contact Coach Peavy to hold a Mini Clinic for your Team!

Weekend Schools
Teams & Large Groups, in and out of the Atlanta Area. Contact Coach Peavy to hold a school in your area!

Week-Long Schools
Large Groups, in and out of the Atlanta Area. Contact Coach Peavy to hold a school in your area!

League & Coaches Clinics, in and out of the Atlanta Area. Contact Coach Peavy to hold a coaches Clinic in your area!

Modern Hitting Instruction.
Step by Step to Assemble a Pro Swing,
with Coach Preston Peavy.

  • Coach Peavy teaches his Full Transfer Pro Swing in  Atlanta, Ga. & surrounding areas & can arrange clinics & schools in your area.
  • Coach Peavy has been playing baseball since 1961 & continues to play
  • Coach Peavy has been Coaching Baseball athletes at all levels since 1975
  • Coach Peavy currently specializes in Hitting Instruction, teaching his Full Transfer Pro Swing to athletes of all ages
  • Utilizing High Speed Video & Computerized Motion Analysis, Coach Peavy has worked hard to dispel & discard incorrect or inefficient techniques & training methods, instead focusing the athlete Step by Step to Build a Pro Swing with Modern Methods & Techniques
  • Coach Peavy has created a new Pro-Video Motion Analysis with Kinetics system to provide affordable Computerized Motion Analysis for Pitchers & Hitters of all levels as an accelerated learning tool
  • Coach Peavy teaches his Step by Step Method to Assemble a Pro Swing to all levels of athletes
  • Visit our Video Analysis pages for more information on the Pro-Video Training

Hitting in the MODERN Era
Teaching Fundamentals within an Individuals Style
Coach Preston Peavy

After exhaustive slow motion video study it is clear that the TOP hitters in the game all have similar biomechanical movements in common to accomplish maximum bat velocity & control.......these things that they do in common are FUNDAMENTALS."

"EVERYTHING ELSE that a hitter may do to get himself into a better biomechanical position to accomplish these FUNDAMENTALS effectively can be classified as CHOICES or STYLES."

"My goal is to take the INDIVIDUAL athlete & MAXIMIZE his STRENGTHS & ABILITIES within his own CHOICES or STYLE to accomplish the FUNDAMENTALS to the best of his ability.

"When I can accomplish that objective, I am proud to be called COACH."

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