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Ask Coach Peavy for an Appointment at 
Call 404-909-8020 or 404-402-5843

1 on 1 Individual Instruction

Coach Peavy works specifically with your athlete in the Greater Atlanta, Ga. area by Appointment.

With younger athletes, Coach Peavy and his staff work with the Athlete AND the Parent or Mentor to bring the athlete forward as a TEAM.

Dependent on the athletes skill & concentration level, Coach Peavy can usually be very effective working with the athlete 1 or 2 hours per week.

It is ESSENTIAL that Parents or Coaches work with the athlete on SPECIFIC DRILLS & OBJECTIVES in BETWEEN SESSIONS to establish & confirm muscle memory with the athlete.

NOTE: ALL athletes are required to purchase & maintain an account with time on it to book & secure appointments as well as to ensure attendance & to help lower hourly costs.
     There are NO refunds on reduced price package purchases, but they CAN occasionally be transferred to another player if requested, subject to the sole discretion of Coach Peavy & VSI Baseball. Package purchases MUST be used before the end of 6 calendar months or they expire & become void subject to the sole discretion of Coach Peavy & VSI Baseball.

Here is how to get instruction with Coach Peavy and his staff:

  1. Read the Training Details BELOW.
  2. Purchase One on One Instruction Time Securely Online via PayPal in 1 to 30 Hour Time Blocks Online HERE
  3. Download a WORD Copy of Our Training Agreement and Hitting Agenda & Print & Fill Out the Training Agreement & Bring to First Lesson
  4. Check Coach Peavy's Calendar to View Available Times at
    • Available times usually say "YMCA" on the calendar
  5. Call Coach Peavy at 404-909-8020 or Email Coach Peavy at to Request Your First ORIENTATION Session & Available Training Dates
    • Orientation sessions are held periodically on Tuesday or Thursday evenings and are 2 hours long.
  6. Coach Peavy or His Staff will Email You With Available Dates for the 2 Hour Orientation & Subsequent Hour Long Lessons as Well as Directions
  7. See You at the Orientation Session in Comfortable Clothes
  8. Bring All Baseball Gear to First Lesson


Thanks for your inquiry regarding Baseball Hitting or Pitching Instruction with Peavy BaseballWe would enjoy working with you and your athlete
Give Peavy Baseball a call at 404-9098020 if you need more information after reading all of the below and attachments. Note: Many references are available...just ask or go to 
If you have a high speed internet connection and a PC you can view a Windows Media Player WMV video of How Peavy Baseball Advanced Baseball Hitting Instruction Works at 
Please read all of the information below and make a decision as to which lesson group to choose and purchase and we will get you on the schedule asap.
  • All clients are required to maintain a time account with a positive balance before booking appointments, receiving the date exclusively and taking the time off the available calendar.
    • This ensures attendance & consideration in booking/scheduling & helps lower hourly costs for clients through group time block purchases. Time used is tracked & deducted from this account.
  • Individual and more instruction rates are here:
    • Easy & secure online payment capability for clients is available at .
    • Personal checks may be mailed. You may make arrangements with Coach Peavy for cash payments.
    • Because we are in it for the long term with a complete PROGRAM, most clients purchase a minimum of 8 hours at a time to save money
Complete instruction packages with immersion training for non-local clients are here: 
  • Out of town clients can find immersion training information here 
    • These are very complete training packages with everything the athletes need. Go over these packages fully as they are very complete.
    • Most out of town clients should allow a minimum of 4 full days to let their athlete get fully through these rigorous learning and training routines in immersion training. 
  • NOTE: We put together similar custom instruction packages for pitchers based on their level and age.
  • Directions to our locations and some places to stay are here:
We frequently use Advanced Training Tools which clearly accelerate the athletes learning curve.
  • All of our clients have the 3 ProCut Training Weight Set which is available here:  
    • View other tools there as well.
    • On occasion we recommend other training tools that will accelerate the player's learning curve and save money in the long run..
  • Most clients usually purchase a training video for the major drills we use by getting the Step by Step to a Pro Swing Hitting Drills Video that plays on a PC here:
Peavy Baseball clients are most successful when they work our PROGRAM fully.
  • Your athletes will be expected to PRACTICE what we give them in the lessons, between lessons.
  • Coach Peavy's Complete Hitting Agenda that the athletes and coaches learn is here: Download a WORD Copy of Our Training Agreement and Hitting Agenda
    • You and your athlete will learn the full agenda and how to build it successfully in a Step by Step manner.
  • If you want to find out more about Coach Peavy's successful philosophies and approaches, see his Free Hitting Articles from past national newsletters and future books here and here 
    • We send you similar information if you're on a pitching program.
  • To see some athletes who use Coach Peavy's Training System and the results they have achieved, go here: 
  • Coach Peavy and his staff work in a special way in that all athletes are encouraged to bring their parent, mentor or coach along with them to learn together as a team so they can help one another achieve greater things.
    • We teach the parent or mentor HOW to work and practice with the player in successful ways.
Our training program is successfully built using Coach Peavy's High Speed Motion Analysis experiences, which he performs  for Pro's and Amateurs alike.
First, we are TEACHERS. Our Hitting Instruction works because we TEACH. Our Pitching Instruction Program is similar.
  • We TEACH Players of all ages & Coaches an INTEGRAL PROGRAM of HOW to Hit...not just how to do drills..
    • We build complete hitters because complete hitters have more fun.
  • Because we TEACH, the first lesson is a heavy orientation and learning lesson for the student & it lasts about 2 hours
    • This includes a full audio visual presentation for the hitter and his family or mentors.
    • Younger players are urged to have their mentor/parent/coach with them at all lessons and the orientation to learn to support what they learn as well as learning how to work with them on drills, as this accelerates the learning curve.
  • In the subsequent hour long lessons, players learn to work on drills specifically assigned to them in a complete drill list and then they begin working in between lessons to reaffirm what they learn, remembering that it takes 3 to 5,000 repetitions to establish new muscle memory.  
    • Players are assigned and expected to perform specific drills and work in PRACTICE between lessons.
      • Players that practice improve substantially...Players that do not practice, generally do not advance as well because practice does make perfect.
  • Tons of other information is available at 
Contact information & calendar.
You will be provided a Baseball Training Agreement, which is usually attached to this email
  • This agreement must be brought to the first lesson, filled out fully and signed.
A final word about booking individual instruction and other events with Coach Preston Peavy and VSI Baseball:
  • A signed Medical Release & Participation Agreement is required of all participants in all events & will be provided by email or printed for client & must be signed & on file.
  • You agree to provide VSI Baseball & Coach Peavy with advance notice of absences. Family emergencies are normally excepted of course.
  • Unexcused absences from lessons will be charged & paid for at the normal lesson rates. This is up to the discretion of Coach Peavy and VSI Baseball.
  • Clients agree they have Medical Insurance Coverage on their athletes that fully covers injuries that could occur in potential contact sports
"Keep Your Pitches Down, Your Spirits Up & Keep Swinging"

Coach Preston Peavy
VSI Baseball
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General Information

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Download a WORD Copy of Our Training Agreement and Hitting Agenda

NOTE: ALL athletes are required to sign the training agreement & understanding which is available HERE by download in WORD.