Swing Poisons: Back Foot Hitting
Swing Poisons: The Wrist Roll
Batspeed-What REALLY Makes It
Hitting Tools: Front Side Firmup
Hitting Tools: Lead Arm Extension
Hitting Tools: Flat Hands
Hitting Tools: The Pro Grip
Hitting Tools: Separation
Hitting Tools: The "Power L"
Hitting Tools: The Stride & Timing
Hitting Tools: How to Use Video
Hitting Tools: Hand Paths
Newsletter: Pitch Counts

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with Coach Preston Peavy

  • Coach Peavy performs hitting & pitching instruction for Individuals, Teams & Large Groups, in various locations in or near the greater Atlanta, Ga. area or you can arrange clinics or schools at your location or city.
  • Coach Peavy currently specializes in Hitting Instruction, teaching his Full Transfer Pro Swing to athletes of all ages as well as his Step by Step Method to Assemble a Pro Swing
  • Coach Peavy has created a new Pro-Video Motion Analysis with Kinetics system to provide affordable Computerized Motion Analysis for Pitchers & Hitters of all levels as an accelerated learning tool
  • Coach Peavy publishes hitting articles for various online & print  publications, featuring the Full Transfer Swing System

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Coach Peavy's Hitting Agenda

  1. Introduction to a Pro Swing
  2. Fundamentals, Choices & Styles-there is a difference
  3. Rotational Vs Linear Hitting-which is BEST....it may surprise you
        Why the linear Vs rotational argument is pointless
        Secrets revealed-what the best in baseball use
  4. Batspeed-how you REALLY achieve it
        Why Top Hand has NO Power
        Force Vectors & the Pursuit Curve Explained
        Bottom Hand Dominance & Efficiency-the Power Curve
  5. Where the power REALLY comes from
        Hips, Hands, Leverage, Pursuit Curves, Force Vectors & Other Confusing Subjects
        Demonstration Step by Step
  6. Why You do NOT want to “Squish the Bug”
        Set Time Hip Trigger
        Adjustable Vs Non Adjustable Timing Mechanisms
        The Front Side Firm-up
        Maximize Power to ALL Fields
        Plate Coverage
  7. Supercharging the Swing
        The Engine & the Supercharger
  8. Micro Focusing
        Raise Your Batting Average FREE
        Minimize the BUILT-IN Error Zone
        Vision points & Head control
  9. Get a Grip! Pro grip, Modified & Choke grip
        Which Works Best & Why
  10. Stance Fundamentals
        Finding a Balanced Athletic Position
        Setup-Plate Distance, Depth & Why
  11. Stride Fundamentals
        Finding the Perfect Stride for YOU
        Initial timing & Weight Transfer
        When to stride
        Stride & Trigger Mechanisms

        Adjustable Timing Mechanisms
        Why You MUST Stride FIRST, THEN Swing
  12. Leverage & How to Achieve it
        Drill Tools that Do NOT Work
        Drill Tools THAT WORK
  13. The Best Swing Plane-Maximizing the Hit Zone
  14. IMPACT Configuration
        Getting Inside & Through Completely

        Creating Maximum Impact Efficiency & Carry
        FREE HORSEPOWER with Backspin
  15. Maintaining Impact Configuration Longer
        The Top Hand Release & Why the "Hands Don’t Matter" at Impact
        Why You Can Use Top Hand Release GUILT FREE
        Why Wrist Rolling Should NEVER Occur
        Cutting the Swing Short
  16. Achieve the:
            Longest Hitting Zone
                at the Highest Bat Speed
                    with Best Fine Tip Bat Control
                        while Maintaining an Optimum Impact Configuration
  17. Specific Impact Points-Achieve YOUR Impact Points
        Producing Equal Power to ALL Fields
  18. Muscle Memory or “Neuro Muscular Pathways”?
        Drills are Where the Swing is REALLY Built
  19. Step by Step to a Pro Swing Drills Video by Coach Preston Peavy of VSI Baseball
        Build a Pro Swing STEP by STEP naturally
        Drill Sets & SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES Outlined & Defined
  20. Why Our Hitters are ALWAYS Getting Better:
        Computerized Video Motion Analysis Video & VSI HIGH SPEED Video


Coach Preston Peavy