NEW: HIGH SPEED Hitting.wmv
NEW: HIGH SPEED Pitching.wmv
NEW: HIGH SPEED Catcher Throw.wmv
1 Rodriguez_Alex_wmv
2 Bat_105_Frames_Per_Sec_wmv
2a High Speed Hit Image
3 Youth_Hit_Analysis_wmv
4 Youth_Pitch_Analysis_wmv
5 Pro_Pitch_Analysis_wmv
6 Long_Pitch_Hit_Kinetics_Demo_wmv
7 Cumberland_Pitch_wmv
8 Aaron_Moving_GIF
9 Castilla_Vinny_Hitting_wmv
10 A-Rod_Overhead_Analysis_WMV
11 Griffey_Ken_WMV.wmv

12 Physics of the BALL BAT COLLISION

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  • First Three Files are VSI Baseball Pro System HIGH SPEED Video Motion Analysis Videos Taken by VSI Dealers & Converted to WMV Format. May Click Pictures to Start.
    24 to 33 MB each

  • The College_Player_Full_at_Bat is one of Coach Peavy's college hitting students in a challenging at bat, showing all aspects of a good hitter. May click pictures to start. 27 MB
  • The DEMO WMV Files Below are typical quality files which you might receive when sending in a camcorder video for Motion Analysis performed by VSI Baseball & Coach Peavy
  • File 1 is a typical Hitting Analysis Set in Windows Media WMV of Alex Rodriguez showing the Full Transfer Swing.
    8.56 MB WMV File
  • File 2 is a Hitting Analysis Video Demo of OUR High Speed Motion Analysis System with Video Taken at 105 Frames Per Second Detail (then saved & outputted in a lower frame rate WMV file for bandwidth purposes) in Windows Media WMV format. Still shows nice clarity. Note: The file 2A is an ACTUAL high frame rate video grab from a high speed AVI taken by Coach Peavy.
    1.00 MB WMV File
  • File 2A is an Actual Frame Grabbed from a High Frame Rate AVI file that demonstrates the detail that Coach Peavy works in when a hitter or pitcher has a video taken with VSI's Pro Level Computerized Video Acquisition System at extremely high frame rates. This is an ACTUAL high speed AVI frame taken by Coach Peavy. Shows the clarity & detail possible by VSI Baseball's systems.
    188KB GIF File, Click & View in Browser
  • File 3 is a typical Youth Hitting Analysis Kinetics Set in a movie form in Windows Media WMV format.
    14.4MB WMV File
  • File 4 is a typical Youth Pitching Analysis Kinetic Set in Windows Media WMV format.
    10.5MB WMV File
  • File 5 is a Pro Pitching Analysis with Pro before and during the season in Windows Media WMV format.
    26.1MB WMV File
  • File 6 is a Large Pitching & Hitting Kinetics Demo File in Windows Media WMV format.
    27.9MB WMV File
  • File 7 is a Pitching Montage of , Professional Pitcher, pitching in various settings, in Windows Media WMV.
    10.0 MB WMV File
  • File 8 is a Moving GIF of Hank Aaron, hitting an inside and an outside pitch. Special Note: Watch Aaron's back foot!.
    View in Browser
  • File 9 is a typical Hitting Analysis Kinetics Set in a movie of Vinny Castilla in Windows Media WMV format
    13.3 MB WMV File
  • File 10 is a Swing Analysis of A-Rod & his hand & bat paths as viewed from above
    3.2 MB WMV File
  • File 11 is a Hitting Analysis of Ken Griffey-notice NO "bug squishing"
    5.8 MB WMV File
  • File 12 is a video from one of the worlds greatest baseball fans, who also happens to be a Nuclear Physicist who studies Atomic Collisions every day! You can also view this html file, The Physics of Baseball by Professor Alan Nathan of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign if you do not have broadband, or you can view the video presentation at #13 by Dr. Nathan in a Windows Media WMV File,
    74MB WMV File but will stream nicely

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  • Right Click on the ZIPPED Link and "Save File As" on your hard drive where you can find It. It is a WINZIP file full of individual kinetics of Ken Griffey. Plays best in Quicktime
  • Left Click on the Aaron Moving GIF to view it in your browser

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